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Is this made from real lemons?

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Why can’t I be a bit taller?

I wish I was a baller

A-Trak & Armand Van Helden first splashed on the scene as Duck Sauce with the breakout hit “aNYway,” a breath of fresh disco air in the distorted world of electronic music. Next up was “Barbra Streisand,” a surprise global #1 smash and true pop culture milestone, complete with 70 million (and counting…) YouTube views, a Grammy nomination, and even a Glee cover! DS cemented their rep as dance music’s official pranksters with MTV VMA-nominated clips like “It’s You” (6 million views) and scene-stealing festival appearances accompanied by a 20-foot inflatable duck… yet all of this was just to set the stage for Quack, Duck Sauce’s highly-anticipated full length studio debut. Fueled by the duo’s strong connection with New York hip-hop, Chicago house, disco debauchery, slapstick comedy and, of course, UFOs, no other group is capable of bringing the rich and visual tradition of sample-heavy music into the current pop and EDM trends of 2014. QUACK IS BACK!

Sigma - Nobody To Love (Official Video) HD:


Blaaaaaahhhhhhhh. So sleeps.


Alice ☺️my kitty


Goooooooood morning. Shower time?


That awful moment when you get Scooby snacks in the back of your throat. #fuckpipes #yuck #ash #nasty #lol